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Hello My Name Is Carl

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My Story

Thank you for taking the time to read about my passion, fishing!

My name is Carl Snodgrass. I have lived a very blessed life. I grew up hunting and fishing all over our beloved United States. My father served in the military, and we supported him as a family- A tremendous by product of this type of lifestyle, was exploring different ecosystems, deserts, mountains, forest, rivers, lakes and creeks.  My brothers, sister and I were able to fish them all.

Our family arrived in the Tampa Metro area in 1986, when our patriarch, the Sgt. Major, was assigned to the University of South Florida, which is located near the upper portion of the Hillsborough River. As soon as housekeeping was set up, I immediately started bass fishing said river. Then, in the spring of 1991, I discovered the saltwater estuary called Tampa Bay, located at the freshwater exit of the river. I used the skills acquired traveling to make a detailed search of this 400 square mile body of water.  WOW is what I found! A world of water, It was the perfect combination of my previous fishing adventures; Rockpiles, eddy’s, riprap, currents, drop offs, shallow water, and deep water.... all here at my leisure. Bottle-nose dolphins, sea turtles, ospreys, manatees, and spotted eagle rays for my viewing pleasure. Woo hoo!

I started with sheepshead fishing. A delicious striped fish with front teeth that look human.... I moved on to another species called spotted sea trout, the fish with the big yellow mouth. Eventually these types of water bottoms led me to redfish....

 A redfish, is a bull of a fish, with a dot on its tail and massive shoulders, generating long runs that made my reel drag scream, "Hold on!" Finally, one day, I caught a snook. To me, the snook seemed to be a hybrid of every fish, I had ever had fun catching. I had fallen in love.  


Needless to say, I was hooked. Since that time, thirty-one years ago, I have become an avid fan of Tampa Bay. I work with various organizations to improve the health of our natural harbor. From helping to build oyster bars with Tampa Bay Watch to teaching boating safety as a member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.


Why did I share my story this way you might ask? I want you to know my experience and how passionate I will be at sharing this giant aquarium with you or your family and friends. I hope to share the joy my daughter experienced jumping her first tarpon with YOU. Not every day has been one for the IGFA record book for sure. This past time is called fishing. I would tell you though, every day is a new and pleasant memory.


We start the private charter trip with wind blowing in your hair, riding on a boat, an amazing feeling. It will make you smile. Come and fish with me and I will share this smile with you. I will give you my best efforts on every trip, so that by the time you leave my boat, you will be grinning from ear to ear.... just like me.


I am a licensed United States Coast Guard Captain. I use this privilege to share my experience and blessings with folks who do not have the time to spend learning these waters, Come and play today, with me, on gorgeous Tampa Bay!

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